As a continued mission of LabJogos to help spread knowledge on games and game development in and out of Técnico Lisboa, we actively engage in events to promote this mission. Get to know and join us by attending one of the several events we organize!


Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam (GGJ) takes place in various locations around the world and brings together programmers, artists, musicians, game designers and other video game lovers with the goal of developing a game in 48 hours. The projects are developed under the same theme, which changes every year. LabJogos offers a site for game developers all around the country to join and develop their game!



The Montra de Jogos (MOJO / Games Showcase) is an annual showcase of the best productions in the field of game development by the IST community. Since 2008, MOJO features the games that are being evaluated in the Game Development Methodology (MDJ) course and games developed in other contexts, such as the Global Game Jam (GGJ), thesis projects and other courses.


Alumni Meeting

The Alumni Meeting is an event open to the entire academic community and any interested in the games' field where we invite current students and alumni from LabJogos to share their experiences and knowledge with their community.

All year

Talk N' Play

Talk n' Play is our most frequent event where we invite students to make presentations about games, their development, and anything game related.