June 27, 2022


Montra de Jogos (MOJO / Games Showcase) is an annual showcase of the best
productions in the field of game development by the IST community.
Since 2008, MOJO features the games that are being evaluated in the
Game Development Methodology (MDJ) course and games developed in other
contexts, such as the Global Game Jam (GGJ), thesis projects and other courses.

Student Games

Daedalus Maze

Based on the Minotaur myth, 2 players wake up inside of a maze along with other sacrifices to the creature. Together, they need to solve puzzles that eventually will lead them to an exit.


Welcome to Castiria, an exploration of a mythical Schist Village in the Portuguese Mountains, whose secrets run deeper than anyone would suspect. A first-person thriller, a video game developed for PC, full of twists and turns, and a Cryptic Monster tracking your every move.


Endless runner game where exists coins to be collected by the player to buy boosts to improve his/her performance.

Bee Trial

In Bee Trial, the player is challenged to explore this peculiar world in the shape of an exciting horizontal scroller shooter where he is constantly finding new enemies or even making them. Follow the path of our Bee while trying to survive multiple waves of foes and have a fun time exploring a wide range of distinct weapons, collect all the powerups and see as their power increase, but that’s not all, if luck is on your side the enemies can drop some valuable items that you can add to your Bee giving a unique and classy feel.

Through the Misty Gate

Through the Misty Gate is a metroidvania, 2D platformer in which the player explores ancient ruins in search of their father. During their adventure, the player will solve puzzles, face fierce foes with naught but magic and wit, and discover secrets hidden deep in the ruins.


Mouse collects the cheese while hiding from the cat.

Sanfaro Drive

When Crazy Taxi meets Need For Speed.


3rd person fantasy/medieval Rpg.

A Child's Tale

The game takes place in the imagination of a child, who is listening to fairy tales being told by their father. The child reenacts the story in their mind, with the player as its main character.

But having an imagination that knows no bounds (and has no respect for a story's structure), the child starts adding their own twists and turns, changing the environment around the player, the story being told, and the very player itself.

Tooth Fairy

Introductory game to the stealth genre where you play as the tooth fairy in his quests for teeth.

Cosmic Delivery

Side-scrolling game where you have to precisely move the cursor to avoid obstacles and make a spaceship complete a cosmic trip across the Solar System to deliver a pizza.


Single-player 2D Metroidvania game for PC.

Explore a non-linear & interconnected world, fight off enemies and grow your character with new skills, upgrades and items, all while accompanied and guided by a mysterious mask.

Project Vidda

Project Vidda is a single-player rogue-like game for PC with turn-based combat inspired from DnD. The player explores floors, fights, captures creatures and chal- lenges bosses. After clearing 4 floors, he will try to defeat one of the 4 elemental TITANS in order to save the Earth.

Cow Stealer

Aboard your UFO, capture as many cows as you can to save the planet while angry farmers throw vicious hay block attacks against you. Experience a twist of events as each farm takes on a completely different scenery. A single-player or versus mode casual game!


Odyssey is a single-player navigation and adventure game, where the player, as a ship's control system, in the form of artificial intelligence, has to escape the asteroids in space, capture ship wreckage and reach the space station from Earth, in order to save humanity that has been invaded by an extraterrestrial organization.

Guest Games


Adfectus is an arena game for 2 players to battle one another. Each player has a claque that supports them and helps them throughout the game.


VR molecule building puzzle adventure

Winds of Berkana

Winds of Berkana is a game that explores a beautiful fantasy world, a world of mountain ranges and ruins, flying whales and floating islands. The player takes control of Herai, a small boy and last surviving human while he searches for the rest of his kind, through the remnants of a once ancient and magnanimous civilization.


A narrative adventure with turn-based combat, about a young girl tasked with leading a small company of warriors, into an unknown and mystical land, in search of a cure to save their village.

20 Ways to Answer Binary Questions in VR

This a Virtual Reality experiment that aims to compare 20 different interaction techniques to answer binary questions.

Ecosystem Game

Ecosystem Game (name not final) is a strategy simulation game about managing an entire ecosystem, keeping it balanced and ensuring it prospers.

Space Jammers

It is a space themed battle royale where sound and gravity play a big role in the player's movement. Move through the different orbits in this shrinking solar system and make sure you're the last one standing when the star finally explodes.

Smashcart Ultra

Smashcart Ultra is a low-poly shopping-cart simulator game where you get the chance to (or at least try to) control a crazy cart!

Play a variety of mini-games with your friends and end the game as the true victor! Just don't let the uncontrollable cart drive you insane!


CUBOS. aims to be a simple, but powerful engine for PC, where everything is made out of voxels.