On May 26th, Instituto Superior Técnico’s Games Lab organizes a special livestream edition of the 13th MOJO!

The main purpose of the event is to show what is best produced in the area of games by the IST community. Make sure you try out all of the games listed below!

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Off the Grid

Survive through a terrifying sci-fi horror experience while taking the role of an explorer that’s sent to an unknown planet to collect information.

Mage Arena

Mage Arena is an innovative magic RPG where you must endure waves of enemies in amazing different biomes through the use of a complex magic system.

Department X

Department X is a 2D action game. As a pair of special agents, you have the job of facing with paranormal, and supernatural events. Are you ready?

Circuit Slimes

A new puzzle mobile game! As an Electrical Slime Engineer trainee, your job is to repair and complete circuits by deploying your slimy assistants and wrangling them in just the right way!


Magic ink has been spewing out the dungeon! Cast spells by drawing sigils and fight your way inside, loot items and learn powerful spells!


When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty! The revolution has begun, helps us tear down the fascist regime ruling over Portugal.

House Breakout

A thriller/puzzle escape room game. Find clues, discover your story and escape the house!

In Memoriam

In Memoriam is an intricate yet ultimately new experience led by the taste of psychological horror and thorough use of both introspection and remnants of past memories.

Subject 42

Help Subject #42 escape the government facilities by using other prisoner's powers and find the truth about your abilities!


Traverse dimensions, puzzles, and an entire temple in order to discover the reason behind the most dividing event in the history of the universe.

Odyssey Of The Fallen

Help Mac gather his band on Odyssey Of The Fallen! Convince other artists to join your band in a hack & slash and keeping up with the rhythm.

Time Thief

SHOOT AND LOOT your way through time, entering multiple periods and completely unique settings on your masterful journey to reclaim your title as THE WORLD’S GREATEST THIEF!

Boiling Blood

Escape through a hell of blood and blades. Make the pain of others your own strength and overpower those who stand in your way.

Everybody's Sick

There’s a virus on the loose and we need you to manage and protect all of the citizens. Can you save the town from Everybody's Sick Now ?


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