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LabJogos offers multiple courses in the Specialization on Games in Instituto Superior Técnico and holds several Master Thesis and research projects in the fields of Games and Interactive Experiences.

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LabJogos promotes the values of Games, bridging the gap between Academia, Industry, and Society. As a continued mission to help spread knowledge on game development in and out of Instituto Superior Técnico, LabJogos promotes a range of events throughout the year.

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At LabJogos we support innovation in game creation by offering multidisciplinary teams to develop games with the help of Fine Arts students.


LabJogos offers multiple game-related courses in Instituto Superior Técnico to develop and inovate game developement of students and the community.


Global Game Jam

2018 ··· 2021

Global Game Jam brings together programmers, artists, musicians, game designers and other video game lovers with the goal of developing a game in 48 hours.


2020 ··· 2023

Montra de Jogos (MOJO) is an annual game showcase of what is best produced in the area of games by the IST community.

Alumni Meeting

2016 ··· 2020

Alumni Meeting brings the alumni closer to their colleagues and school, to share experiences and visions in the area of games.

Talk N' Play

2020 ··· 2021

Talk n' Play is our most frequent event where we invite students to participate in a discussion of anything and everything games related.

  • Global Game Jam

  • MOJO

  • Alumni Meeting

  • Talk N' Play


Throughout the years, LabJogos interacted and collaborated with multiple partners that make the laboratory and its activities possible. Partners offer ideas and motivation to the community of LabJogos.

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