Tower Domination


Hélio Martins
Miguel Malheiro
Paulo Alexandre

Tower Domination is a roguelike deck-builder game. The gameplay relies on various encounters with enemies, where players will have to use their cards to win those same battles - necessary to move forward - to always reach the most desired point, while also upgrading their deck.

The design of this game relies mostly on the deck-building component, inspired by games like Slay the Spire. However, for the player to acquire the cards they can use to make up their deck, a system like that of the game Dominion will be used, in hopes of giving this component of the game a less random feel. However, there will be other random events and items, but they are not connected to the deck building aspect - or at least not directly and in a very impactful way.


After the prayer to the God of War, due to the full moon, the entire population headed for their dwellings. Night thus fell in Turrim.

A night that did not look turbulent. It all started when the Vigilant Protector, responsible for the night watch, decided to abandon the Tower in the middle of the night. A decision agreed upon a few days earlier with a great enemy - BOSS - who threatened the Watcher's family if the latter did not help him. A threat that made him relive the past when his community was brutally attacked by humans. Fear thus ended up overriding his mission and gratitude to Turrim. And so, the Vigilant resigned himself to helping the BOSS to invade the city secretly and passively.

The plan was as follows: The Vigilant would provide a map of the city, so that the BOSS could enter and circulate at will, without getting lost. The BOSS would wear a black cloak, with a hood that covered his face, and would enter the city through the Sanctus river. Meanwhile, the Vigilant would go about his work naturally and quietly, and as soon as the moon is in the center of the sky, he would leave the Tower at his mercy. The BOSS, on the other hand, without making noise or risky movements, would roam the streets like a ghost, until he reached the Tower. Once in the Tower, it would claim Turrim as its own. And everything happened as planned.

As this mission aims, you will be forced to face fights with all enemies, which you will have to defeat, using a deck of cards. The objective is to reach the Tower, where they will face the BOSS. By winning this final combat, not only will they recover the city, but the player himself will be able to move on to the next level.