Circuit Slimes

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As an Electrical Slime Engineer trainee, your job is to repair and complete circuits by deploying your slimy assistants and wrangling them in just the right way. To complete levels you must conduct the electric slimes from their power source to their respective goals. In order to complete circuits, you use different types of slime to alter and add components on the board. Will you be capable of mastering these little creatures and getting them to collaborate?

One Level

How to Play

In order to complete a level, you need to get the electricity slimes to move through the wires until they reach the existing green LEDs making sure not to light up the red ones. To do this you can place food for 2 other different kinds of slime:

Solder slimes

These grey little fellas are totally inoffensive towards their peers, in fact their only interest seems to be consuming as much of their favorite food as they can get from you. They are really useful too since they use the food to produce connections and generate new paths for the charges to flow through. Just be careful not to feed them too much.

Water Slimes

Water slimes are the complete opposite, they are extremely vicious and prey exclusively on electric slimes so watch out because unless you distract them with some other means of sustenance they will absolutely combust and ruin the circuits. Maybe you can use this to your advantage?



Game made by:

  • Francisco Nicolau
  • Josefin Ström
  • Manuel Correia
  • Miguel Valério