Void Champions


Carlos Marques
Francisco Santos
Miguel Seabra
Ricardo Oliveira

The biggest intergalactic reality show is about to start!

In a reality not that distant from ours, an unscrupulous trillionaire named Richie McGreedy lives of his success of being the wealthiest man in the galaxy, thanks to his multimillionaire company Galaxon. One day while going through his paperwork, he gets tired of reading so many letters from his miserable employees who he despises asking for a raise. He then remembers how much power he has and thinks of an idea that may just solve that problem with his employees. He decides to create and host the intergalactic top rated television show VOID CHAMPIONS, which involves four Galaxon employees who will face various combat challenges to obtain the so wished raise. Those four contestants come from all walks of life and need a raise to satisfy their financial needs, since they are very poorly paid at Galaxon.

VOID CHAMPIONS is a single or multiplayer rogue-lite, where up to 4 players compete to try to reach the top and win their freedom. Through each room, they will defeat many enemies, attain unimaginable power and forge deep alliances or bitter rivalries.