Noah's Nightmare


Ana Sofia Silva
Daniel Serafim
Lídia Custódio
Henrique Gaspar

Trapped in a gloomy and abstract world, twelve year old Noah attempts to return back to reality. Embark on an adventure in search of the reason why Noah has been sent to this world and how he can escape. It is soon revealed he is in fact stuck in his own nightmare, dealing with grief he has yet to overcome...

This is Noah’s Nightmare, a 2D platformer with dark pixel art characters and environments. On his journey, Noah will have to face his fears head on, where every stage of his grief has taken a life of its own as the form of creepy worlds in Noah’s mind. The only way out of this mental prison is to find acceptance, regaining enough lucidity to emerge from his imagination. Fight against his deepest fears, and reunite with old friends along the way. Noah's fate is your hands!

  • Bend gravity at your will! - Noah can unlock Gravity Charges that allow him to change the direction of gravity!

  • Enemies galore! - Noah's mind is infested with his deepest fears, and they are out to get him! Squash them, or use weapons you find along the way.

  • Challenging Boss Battles! - Along the way, Noah will encounter enemies that might require a little extra effort. What do they want from Noah?

  • Compelling Story! - Unfold Noah's past through his journey of self-discovery spanning across 9 levels in 5 different worlds!

  • Collect all of the memory fragments! - Noah's memories have been scattered, and it's up to you to pick up the pieces. Collecting all of them in a level unlocks a memory for you to explore and dive deeper into Noah's dark past.