Moirai's Trial


Daniel Gonçalves
Diogo Sá
Diogo Silva
Martim Norte

Chosen to represent humanity in the Moirai's trial you, alongside other champions, will have to work together to survive and complete several challenges to make it out alive... but be careful of who you trust.

Moirai's Trial is an 8-player online multiplayer co-op battle royale where players are placed into a maze filled with hazards, power-ups, cooperative puzzles and only one way out. Heroes must work together as a team or descend into murder to secure their limited spot in the escape portal. Unearth the maze, gain power, form bonds and brace yourself for what the maze might throw at you. Survive what the Moirai have prepared for you.

Some know them as The Goddesses of Birth, others prefer to call them the Masters of Death, but either way they are the ones that intend to determine the right of Humanity to the most precious thing on the world: Life. Unmatched by the gods, and rulers of Nature itself, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos are now your eternal enemies, and you are the one that needs to show them that Life is a gift worth being carried by the Human Species. Embark on their deadly task alongside other heroes and show the Moirai all of humanity's virtues and vices. Please them and you may escape their maze. Fail to impress them, and all of humanity pays the price.

The Moirai represent a very old legend told by the ancient Greek civilization. Clotho is the one responsible for weaving the thread of life, a physical representation of each mortal's life. Lachesis is responsible for determine every little detail on a person's life, and Atropos gets the ultimate task: to use her golden scissors to cut the thread and bring someone to the afterlife. But, in the end, legends are just legends, right?

Moirai's Trial's is an online, multiplayer, cooperative, free for all battle royale first person shooter featuring:

  • Proximity Voice Chat
  • Projectile-based shooting
  • Diverse power-ups
  • A randomly generated maze with handcrafted rooms
  • Cooperative communication-based puzzles
  • A fresh and unique take on the battle-royale genre

Each match of Moirai's Trial takes a maximum of 25 minutes and gameplay is divided into three phases. Heroes begin being placed into a random initial room and must wander around to complete each phase's objectives.

Each match of Moirai's Trial takes place in a randomly generated maze filled with twists, turns, parkour obstacles, deadly fire and greek architecture. Each of the maze's rooms was painstakingly handcrafted to provide a mix of interesting combat arenas and corridors to provoke the heroes' sense of direction.

Looking up at the night sky heroes may spot beams of light, indicating the position of challenge rooms, their color indicating whether they're being attempted (yellow), they've been completed (red), or whether there's other heroes nearby (green). The central portal is always on, and functions as a beacon to help players get their bearings and move around the maze.

To aid heroes the Moirai reward those who completed their puzzles with power-ups and map pieces to help them move around.

Power-ups spice up Moirai's Trial's gameplay by introducing new mechanics, ways to avoid combat or an extra edge to fell heroes who stand in your way.

There are defensive power-ups such as a shield that makes the hero invincible but unable to attack for a few crucial seconds, utility power-ups such as a force wall that blocks other heroes and spells and offensive like triple spells and spells that apply a bleeding effect to those unfortunate enough to be hit by it.

Moirai grant power-ups to those who complete challenges, but have also scattered a few throughout their maze. To avoid greed, however, they only permit heroes to hold 2 power-ups at max. Should a hero find better power-ups than the ones they're carrying, they can drop and switch them out. Additionally, heroes drop their power-ups upon death. Afterall, they won't be needing them anymore.

To open the portal to freedom, you need to solve a set of randomly chosen and generated challenges. The portals to these challenges are also randomly placed through the maze, so it is your job to find and solve them. These puzzles are always cooperative, so you must find someone (sufficiently) trustworthy to team up with.. at least for the time being. Once solved, a challenge room will reward you with several random map pieces, and two power-ups that will appear next to the portal. Its up to the heroes to discuss amongst themselves who gets which power-up. Beware not to take too long, however, as a passerby may just unexpectedly show up and snatch them before you come to a consensus. To guide you in your quest to find and solve challenge rooms, you can count on a series of light beams shot towards the sky, one for each portal to a challenge room. The beam's color will be your main compass:

  • A green light means that someone has found that portal and it's still near it.
  • A yellow light means that someone is trying to solve that challenge room.
  • A red light means that the challenge room was already solved.

Once you manage to get all the necessary challenge rooms solved (or even more, if you intend so), it is time to run for your life!