May 31, 2021


Livestream Edition @ Youtube & Facebook

On May 31st, Instituto Superior Técnico’s Games Lab organized a livestream edition of the 14th MOJO!
The main purpose of the event is to show what is best produced in the area of games by the IST community.
Below you can rewatch our two-part livestream and try out all of the games of this edition!


Livestream - Part 1

09:00 - Opening
09:15 - Moirai's Trial
09:45 - SpaceCraft
10:15 - Noah's Nightmare
10:45 - Coffee Break
11:00 - Unroll
11:30 - Deuce's Tower
12:00 - Ashrune's Ascension
12:30 - Little Garden

Livestream - Part 2

14:00 - Barren
14:30 - Tower Domination
15:00 - Void Champions
15:30 - Caleb's Demons
16:00 - Coffee Break
16:15 - Dron
16:45 - Town Warrior
17:15 - Fetch Them Bones
17:45 - Captivity
18:15 - Closing


Moirai's Trial

Chosen to represent humanity in the Moirai's trial you, alongside other champions, will have to work together to survive and complete several challenges to make it out alive... but be careful of who you trust.


Spacecraft is an adventure/exploration 2D game where you control the spaceship that you build using materials collected during your journey. The player has total freedom to build a ship to fit his playstyle.

Noah's Nightmare

Something has trapped Noah inside his nightmare, forcing him to face the unknown threats to his existence. Along the way, as he regains control giving him abilities to aid him, he must go on this journey of self-discovery.


Being alone in a world with no curves, the ball always had the dream of finding another round object. However, this cannot be fulfilled without the help of someone else. So, the boy, who always had loved his unique ball, will decide to help it… and thus, together they depart on a journey to find roundness.

Deuce's Tour

Deuce's Tower is a 2 player cooperative multiplayer turn-based strategy game where each player controls a character by performing a movement and an action in each turn with the intent of defeating common enemies.

Ashrune's Ascension

Ashrune's Ascension is a Hack and Slash with some rogue-like elements that focuses on the rise of the Sword of Ashrune out of the Arena.

Little Garden

Little Garden is a RPG with turn based combat where you control a group of insects who live in a garden that is tearing apart. You play as a woodlouse who has the job to save the garden. You can recruit different insects and fight dangerous enemies.


Change between three different states: body, mind and soul. These states have different properties that coalesce into an intricate movement system. Explore a vast sandbox, and conquer the challenges therein. Recover cryptic clues left for you and unveil the truth behind this barren land.

Tower Domination

Tower Domination is a roguelike deck-builder where the player will use a deck of cards to face various challenges while continuously improving that very same deck, buying cards from the shop to do so.

Void Champions

Void Champions' concept is to build an online multiplayer rogue-lite. Four players enter a match and go through enemy filled rooms on their own. However, players can run into each other and alter each other's runs. Sometimes other players are a saving grace, others they're doom.

Caleb's Demons

Caleb always had a tough life, but he always tried to stay strong, until one day.. something happened that finally broke him. Now his own mind is torturing him and there's nothing he can do alone. Help Caleb survive inside his mind and figure out what caused him to break. You are his last hope.


DRON is a auto-scrolling shoot'em up with roguelike elements. You are in control of a delivery drone called Dron. Several obstacles will try to stop you along your way. In true roguelike fashion you'll have to restart from the beginning every time you game over.

Town Warrior

In Town Warrior, a warrior has crashed his spaceship on an inhabited planet and now is trying to survive, helping a local tribe, while exploring the world to fix his spaceship and go back home.

Fetch Them Bones

Fetch Them Bones is a 2D top down shooter where you play as a young boy who staves off monsters with the help of his dog.


Captivity is a co-op adventure, roguelike-ish game with some puzzle elements! Gather new powers, experiment with a ton of different combinations, fight evil enemies and unravel the secret story, all while playing with a friend! What could be hidden in the shadows?