Global Game Jam 2018

January 26 - 28, 2018
Campus TagusPark


Global Game Jam

Instituto Superior Técnico joins other institutions from Lisbon to organize a new edition of the Global Game Jam. GGJ 2018 is an event that joins participants from all around the world and gives them the challenge of developing a videogame under 48 hours with a given theme.

This partnership exchange between several jam sites, offering its participants the opportunity to create multidisciplinary teams with varied competencies: Visual Arts (2D and 3D), programming, audio (sound effects and music), among others.

Join us and other videogame lovers for an amazing weekend!



Instituto Superior Técnico

Campus Taguspark

Avenida Professor Dr. Cavaco Silva, 2744-016 Porto Salvo


Técnico offers transportation to those near Alameda to come to Taguspark. The shuttle is free and open to anyone. Find out how to more at Shuttle's information page.

On Friday, the 26th, the shuttle follows its vacation schedule.

Sunday, 28th, there is a shuttle leaving after the end of the event, at 18:30.


To register just fill out the registration form.

  • Tell us your expertise
  • Jam you’d like to jam!
  • If you have a team, let us know!

Follow the event’s timeline below.

Learn more about the event on our GGJ Jam Site.

If you are unable to register using the official form, but still want to participate send an email to


Opening of Registrations

11th December 2017

End of Registrations

18th January 2018 (Updated)

Distribution of Participants *

22nd January 2018

Global Game Jam

26th to 28th January 2018

* In the case you have choosen this site and don't receive an email until the end of the 22nd, please contact us at


This event is possible thanks to the collaboration between Técnico Lisboa and the belas-artes ulisboa. Our team at Laboratório de Jogos gathers faculty and volunteer students, that poured their hearths to make this new edition of the Global Game Jam the best yet!

To allow more students to join us, we joined Ludoteca. They joined faculties throughout the country to allow students to choose their site for this Jam.


Avenida Professor Dr. Cavaco Silva, 2744-016 Porto Salvo